Blogging is Hard

Blogging without internet
is no fun at all

There is a solution 


  • KensBlog

    / Nordhavn 68

    Blogging worldwide via KVH Vsat and email. Over 5 million visitors to blog!

  • PendanaBlog

    / Nordhavn 62

    Blogging from across the Pacfic via Vsat, wi-fi and Iridium

  • mvMobyDuck

    / Diesel Duck

    Blogging from across the Pacfic via email on Iridium

  • Eliana76

    / Nordhavn 76

    No longer blogging, but past voyages kept as cherished memories

  • mvStarr

    / Delta 80

    Blogging around the world, most recently between Hawaii and Seattle, via Iridium and email

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Blog however you want

We recognize that different people have different needs and technical skills. Blog from email, from a website, from your phone, from an internet cafe.

Keep it simple and just post simple text blog entries, or get fancy and use video, pictures, links to other sites. We give you all the power in the world. Use as much of it, or as little, as you want. Our system is flexible and scalable. We have bloggers who are puzzled by typewriters, and bloggers who are network engineers.

Maximize exposure

Why write a blog if no one will read it? We have two jobs at Talkspot:

  1. Give you the power to create blog entries
  2. Give you the tools to distribute and promote your blog entries

Your Talkspot blog can easily be connected to your social media accounts. You can simultaneously post your blog entries to your blog on a website as well as to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more!

Interact with visitors to your blog

Want feedback on your blog entries? Visitors to your blog can ask you questions. You have full moderation capabilities including the ability to screen questions before they appear on your website.


Talkspot is much more than just a blogging system. We would put a full listing of all the features here, but as you can see, there are a bunch! And, those are just a few of them.

Of course, you don't need to use all of the features. In fact, we encourage you to just start blogging, and then as you perceive the need to do something, take a look around the menus. If you bog yourself down trying to understand every feature on day one, you'll quickly give up in frustration, and what fun would that be?

That said, just to wet your appetite, here is some of what you can do!

  • Add maps
  • Photo galleries
  • Make files available for download
  • Collect a mailing list (and send blog entries to your list)
  • Create surveys
  • Set up pages of links to other websites

Who is behind Talkspot?

Talkspot is owned by Ken Williams who founded and ran Sierra On-line a pioneering company in the consumer software business. With over 1,000 employees at the time Sierra was acquired, Sierra is well known for the games Kings Quest, Leisure-Suit Larry, Phantasmagoria and Half-Life.

Ken founded Talkspot in 1999, and since that time Talkspot has produced over 200,000 websites and blogs.

Talkspot prides itself on using the latest technologies and on providing enterprise caliber solutions to serious individuals and small businesses.

Behind the scenes, Talkspot's host your websites and blogs on:

  • High-end Windows-based Servers
  • Microsoft SQL
  • The latest web technologies: Bootstrap, Jquery, HTML5, CSS3
  • Cloudbased servers, based at Rackspace

Get Started

Your blog will be online 5 minutes from now

Talkspot is cloud based.

No geek needed

  • Nothing to download
  • Nothing to install

Latest Technology

Fully Responsive

  • Looks great on computers, tablets, cell phones
  • Integrates with your social media accounts
  • Perfect for beginners or pros

Pick one of our templates and start posting

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  • Or, customize to your heart's content

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